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QuickCAN Overview  
QuickCAN  $149 New Low price, $129 each! (optional Isolation for only $229 )

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USB cable included!


  • QuickCAN device provides a low cost and high performance USB-2-CAN interface for Windows 98 SE, XP and 2000. 

  • CAN interface

  • Connects to Controller Area Network via male DB9 plug

  • Uses Microchip MCP2515 controller and MCP2551 transceiver

  • Supports 11 or 29 bit CAN identifier

  • Supports time-triggered transmission

  • Supports self test Loop back mode

  • Non-invasive listen mode for CAN bus

  • Automatic messages transmission

  • 16 bits Timestamp at two millisecond interval

  • USB interface

  •  Standard USB type A-B connection to PC

  •  Faster 12 MBits/s USB bulk transfer

  • Interface Application on PC

  • Initializes proper CAN registers to connect to CAN network  instantly!

  • Provides easy access to all MCP2515 registers

  • Transmits time-triggered CAN messages

  • Sends and receives message at the same time

  • Exports received messages to external file

  • Flexible USB-2-CAN protocol allows users to develop customized application. 

  • Installation disk includes example programs written in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Basic 6.



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