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QBridgeV2-Serial Overview  


Support ASCII mode and Binary mode


  • QBridgeV2 device provides a low cost efficient way to connect your PC to I2C, SPI (4 wires) or CAN bus. Turn any PC into a CAN node, SPI or I2C master.

  • No programming needed (in ASCII mode).

  • Female DB 9 for Host PC connection and male DB9 for external target connection.

  • QBridge V2 supports both ASCII mode and Binary modes.

  •  In ASCII mode, user can use Windows Hyper Terminal to access I2C, SPI or CAN bus in no time.  No programming needed!

  • The Binary mode extends the flexibility for user to develop his own application.  QBridge V2 provides the protocol for user to access the QBridge via RS232 port.

  • QBridgeV2 CAN (Controller Area Network)

  • Programmable bit rate up to 1MBits.

  • Configurable 6 acceptance filters and 2 masks

  • Three transmit buffers

  • Time stamp on received messages

  • Four operations: Listen, Operation, Listen, loop back.

  • QBridgeV2 I2C & SPI

  • Supports 100K and 400K I2C speed.

  • Supports SPI (4 wires) speed up to 10MBits.

  • Flexible selection on SPI clock polarity.


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